Make your android device a portable SMS Gateway!

Unlock the power of messaging with our open-source Android SMS Gateway.

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The ultimate solution for your messaging needs! Our free open-source Android-based SMS Gateway provides you with all the features you need to effectively manage your SMS communications. From sending messages and automating messaging workflows via API, our SMS Gateway is the perfect tool for any small/mid business or individual.

Send SMS

Send SMS to any number from your dashboard or via REST API.

Bulk SMS

Send SMS to multiple numbers at once.

100% Free

No credit card required. No hidden fees. No strings attached.

Open Source

The entire codebase is open source and available on GitHub.

How It Works

How it works is simple. You install the app on your Android device, and it will turn your device into a SMS Gateway. You can then use the API to send SMS messages from your own applications.

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Download the App to get started!

Unlock the power of messaging with our open-source Android SMS Gateway.

Code Snippet

Send SMS messages from your web application using our REST API. You can use any programming language to interact with our API. Here is a sample code snippet in JavaScript using axios library.

  const BASE_URL = 'https://api.textbee.dev/api/v1'
  const API_KEY = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
  await axios.post(`${BASE_URL}/gateway/devices/${DEVICE_ID}/sendSMS`, {
    recipients: [ '+251912345678' ],
    message: 'Hello World!',
  }, {
    headers: {
      'x-api-key': API_KEY,

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